Walter, Started out as a commercial farmer in 1984 & having been through numerous droughts since then, he understood the need for better veld management & looked at ways to harness the natural resources available on the property. This grew to a love of veld, nature, wildlife on the property. Having always appreciated wildlife but only became active when we moved to Kasouga Farm in 1992, working with his dad, who took a special interest in managing our oribi population. In 2000 Walter attended a holistic management course &  got a far deeper understanding of eco systems & the way they respond. This made him see that the wildlife on the property as a resource, which could be managed & used in conjunction with the cattle farming. Walter became actively involved with Kowie Kariega Conservancy and was made chairman in 2000. He soon realized that sustainable game conservation would make a significant contribution to the farm Income – without destroying the natural bush.

Opportunity cost of Bush clearing for pastures vs trading with game.

Holistic farming principals have been applied involving sustainable utilization with cattle and game.